You Probably Have Thalassophobia And You Didn't Even Know It


Have you ever been tubing and fallen off the tube? Then you patiently float in the water, and thoughts start to fill your head like, "I wonder what's in the water."

"It's kind of creepy that I can't see what's beneath me right now."

"Something is definitely about to attack my legs right now."


If that scenario hits close to home, you probably have Thalassophobia.

Thalassophobia is real, and it is described as a phobia of the ocean or any large bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, and fear of distance from land. It can also include fear of the unknown, of what lurks beneath.

If you get scared from swimming in large bodies of water, get scared when imagine coming in contact with a deep sea animal, or the thought of scuba diving is terrifying, you might have Thalassophobia.

If you're like me, even seeing creepy pictures of water scares you, and makes you incredibly uncomfortable.

Why not test it?

If you can get through all seven these pictures without feeling uncomfortable, then you probably don't have Thalassophobia.

How far can you go without feeling uncomfortable?

1. *Has a Calm face meanwhile is freaking out on the inside.*

2. Well, you've made it to number two, that's impressive.

3. Why did this picture make me feel like I can't breathe?

4. Imagine coming across this...

Okay well you've made it pretty far, if you're not uncomfortable yet, I'm jealous.

5. Thalassophobia + Claustrophobia, a double Whammy.

This next one is the reason I will never scuba dive.

6. I am not even in water and I had to look behind me...

7. I can just picture something swimming up.

Well, you made it through all seven pictures. At what picture did you start feeling uncomfortable? Mine was number one.