Women Skips Her Own Mother's Funeral To Rob Her House Of Thousands

Daily Mail

When someone passes away, there is supposed to be some measure of respect for the dead. Even if you didn't get along well while they were still alive, everyone should make some effort to offer some dignity to those who are no longer with us.

Which is why one Massachusetts woman is being vilified by her community for her crime committed in the worst of times.

Alyce Davenport, 30, and her partner Diron Conyers, 30, were charged with robbery against Davenport's own mother. She had recently been kicked out of her mother's home for her illicit drug habits and her criminal behaviors.

It appears that she wanted to take as much as she could from Audra Johnson, her mother, and waited for the most opportune time to do it.

When Audra suddenly died, both family and friends were invited to pay their last respects, despite any animosity while they were alive.

This is when Davenport saw her chance, and she wasn't going to let anything slip through her fingers.

While her mother was being laid to rest, Davenport got to work on clearing out her belongings and selling them for drug money.

When the grieving loved ones of Audra Johnson returned home, they saw that their property had been ransacked, and their minds turned to the one person who didn't show up to the funeral.

A warrant was issued for her arrest and both Davenport and Conyers were found at a motel and the their car with the stolen items was later recovered. It became apparent that they were selling the belongings for cocaine.

Davenport is currently being held for $15,000 bail.