Woman Plans On Marrying Tetris After A Failed Relationship With Her Calculator

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Everyone dreams of one day meeting their one true love.

While most people assume their soulmate is a fellow human, Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, who prefers to go by the name, Fractal Tetris Huracan, found her longtime love in the form of the video game, Tetris.

The 20-year-old student from Orlando, Florida said she identifies as an objectum sexual, a "sexual orientation" that is attracted to objects.

"I think Tetris is so beautiful, he is about perfection and he stimulates your mind. Physically I get that feeling that people in relationships get - that you know they are the right one," she said.

According to The Sun, Huracan engages in a sexual relationship Tetris themed objects, including Tetris hard drives and cushions.

Before Huracan began her relationship with the video game in September 2016, she dated a calculator named Pierre De Fermat. Huracan said she's also been sexually attracted to monorails, iPods, treadmills, and a GPS system.

"I was so in love with Pierre, I can't describe how much I was in love, it was indescribably strong. I took him to my prom and I just felt an explosion inside me like a wild fire was raging in my heart," Huracan said.

"I loved touching his buttons – the feel of his buttons and track pad. I loved running my finger over that and I used my tongue to touch his buttons," she added.

Unfortunately the relationship came to a halt after the calculator broke, causing her to have a breakdown.

"I lost him and had to get a new Pierre, I did not believe Pierre’s consciousness extended across. This one did not feel the same as the original Pierre," Huracan said.

But now that relationship is behind her, Huracan plans on tying the knot with the video game once she graduates from the University of Florida.

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