Woman Writes Scathing Note To Paramedics Who Parked Outside Her House

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Kirsty Sharman/Wikimedia

A British woman was arrested after she left a tasteless note on an ambulance parked outside her house.

Kirsty Sharman, 26, was furious paramedics drove their ambulance in her parking spot, despite the fact she doesn't own a car.

She said in her note she "couldn't give a sh*t if the whole street collapses," while also verbally abusing the paramedics by telling them to "move your f*cking van."

Paramedic Katie Tudor tweeted an image of the note on Sunday and captioned it: "Along with this note left on their ambulance, they received a load of verbal abuse!"

"They weren't blocking the road, they were in a parking space... just obviously annoying someone that an ambo [sic] was outside their property," Tudor added.

In a followup tweet she said: "We are desperately trying to save someones [sic] life and could do without angry bystanders!"

Paramedics were called to her neighbor's residence, after an elderly woman, who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, became critically ill.

Brian Heath, 66, said while he's angry over Sharman's appalling attitude towards both his wife Christine and the paramedics - who were just doing their job - this hasn't been the only time his family has had a problem with his wayward neighbor.

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