Woman Mistakenly Buried Alive By Relatives

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A woman was allegedly buried alive by mistake and tried to get out of her coffin for 11 days before finally dying.

Rosangela Almeida dos Santos reportedly tried to claw her way out of her wooden coffin which had been nailed shut and encased in concrete. Relatives say she suffered two heart attacks before the hospital declared she had died of septic shock.

They buried her on January 28th shortly afterwards. People reported hearing screams and clawing sounds coming from the section of the cemetery where she was buried. A resident reported how she heard two groans coming from the coffin after the neighborhood kids had drawn her attention to the sounds.

After her relatives were alerted, they broke into the concrete tomb and frantically tried to break the coffin open. Upon opening the casket, they discovered that Rosangela's body had been disturbed.

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