Woman Marries 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost After Being Fed Up With Real Men

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A 45-year-old woman has wed a ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate after becoming tired of living, breathing men.

Amanda Teague, who hails from Ireland, wed her husband Jack, and said she has no qualms over the fact that he's a ghost who died in the 1700s.

Amanda Teague
Triangle News

According to the Daily Star, Teague married her dead spouse on a boat in international waters, so the pair could be legally married. They had a spiritual medium on board to be the voice of Jack's "I do."

"He is my soulmate. I am so happy," Teague said. "It is the perfect kind of relationship for me."

"There are a lot of people out there who don't know about spiritual relationships, but it could be right for them - I want to get the message out there," she added.

Like any normal couple, Teague and her husband have arguments, go on dates, and even have sex.

But the pair's relationship wasn't always romantic in nature.

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