After Her Husband Was Murdered, Her Search History Made Her The Prime Suspect

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Day in and day out, we constantly see stories of spouses who, for some reason or another, end up with murderous intent against each other. Maybe one is having an affair and the other is planning something awful because of it, or maybe there's an issue of money and someone is trying to get all of it for themselves.

The Gloss

Whatever the cause, there have been some pretty ridiculous stories to come out of this phenomenon, and while any case of murder is inherently tragic, some of these just leave us scratching our heads or burying our faces in our palms. Your average Joe is not going to be able to get away with murder, and those who try often make some classic, hilariously bad mistakes.

Toronto Star

Our personal guess is that some of these people watched too many episodes of Law and Order and figured that "Hey, I know how to get away with this. Other people have done it, it can't be that hard, right?"

Well, one woman from Maypearl, Texas clearly thought she was going to get away with it, but there was one simple problem: she really should have cleared her browser history beforehand...

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