Healthy Woman Dies From The Flu One Day After Being Diagnosed

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Catching the flu feels like we're dying, but that's not supposed to actually happen.

It's estimated that flu-associated deaths range from a low of 12,000 to a high of approximately 56,000 deaths per year, and that's in the U.S alone.

The elderly, young children, and those with a weak immune system or other health conditions are at higher risk for hospitalization or death from the flu than an adult with no pre-existing medical conditions.

However, this case is quite the contrary.

Alan "Joie" Murrieta, a healthy 20-year-old mother of two from Phoenix, Arizona began feeling sick last Sunday while at work.

She was sent home from her job at a warehouse, even though she wasn't the only one who had the flu. Murrieta's aunt said her whole family got sick after Thanksgiving, along with her other daughter who also works at the same warehouse.

"My daughter called and said that Joie was sent home early on Sunday after working a few hours at the warehouse because she was really sick, and that she went home to rest," her aunt Stephanie Gonzales told BuzzFeed News.

Murrieta was taken to the urgent care clinic a day later, where she was diagnosed with the flu.

"They got there in the morning and waited for a while, then they told her she had the flu and gave her a prescription for the medicine Tamiflu," Gonzales recalled. "She picked up the Tamiflu, took it as prescribed, and came home to rest — I asked her if they did an X-ray at urgent care and she said no. She slept but her family said she coughed throughout the entire night."

Then things took a turn for the worst.

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