A Man Wanted For Murder Loses His Voice After Pretending To Be Mute For 12 Years

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The lengths that people will go to in order to avoid being accused of something can often be pretty ridiculous or extreme. Whether it's someone like Shaggy singing a song like "It Wasn't Me," which has to be the worst defense ever for being caught cheating, or people going so far as to fake their own deaths to escape their marriages, it's easy to see these as being more hilarious than heinous.

However, in the case of a Chinese man accused of murder known only as Mr. Zeng, this has taken on a level where the lie he's been caught in has actually caused irreparable damage to his body.

First, some background: Zeng has been on the run for 12 years, thanks to his suspected involvement in the death of his wife's uncle. The uncle, known only as Mr. Chai, was the couple's landlord, and him and Zeng had gotten into a dispute over a 500 yuan rent payment (roughly about $77 US).

Deccan Chronicle

Apparently the disagreement between the two men escalated to the point where Zeng allegedly stabbed Chai to death, and then immediately went on the run. However, that's not the craziest part of this whole situation (somehow).

No, the craziest part, is that the way he covered his tracks has irreparably damaged his vocal chords...

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