Utah Dad Wed Daughters Age 4 and 8 To A Cult Leader Who Hid Them

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Utah is famously known for a few things, such as their beautiful national parks, the Sundance Film Festival, and what they wish they weren't known for, their polygamous cults.

The inner workings of the Amish population and polygamous Mormons are strange to many outsiders, but it's when they challenge the law that we often ponder about them.

"Married couple Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus (left) "gifted" their underage daughter to Lee Kaplan (right)."Rolling Stone

Last summer, an ex-Amish family sold their 14-year-old daughter to a man 30 years her senior, who is said to have had a "cult-like" hold on the entire family.

Through brainwashing, some people are influenced by cult groups or individuals with cult-like tendencies to sell their underage daughters.  

One man from Utah, who believes the world is coming to an end, did the unimaginable.

An Amber Alert was sent out to find two kidnapped girls and two kidnapped boys that were believed to be taken away by their father in September. The boys were later found with their father's grandparents, but the girls were still missing.  

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