US Man Facing 7 Years In Prison For An Instagram Post


A known American fitness influencer is stuck in Dubai after being arrested for an Instagram post.

Jordan Branford, 44, is facing a $68,000 fine or up to seven years in prison after defying the United Arab Emirates's (UAE) laws on cybercrimes.

All this is happening because he used the word "b**ch" on Instagram.

This swear word is considered offensive in Dubai, even when it's not directed at a specific person, using it may lead to criminal sanctions.

A complaint was filled against this Oregon man last year after his ex wife, Salma Ismail, reported him for using the word in a post.

If Branford is unable to pay the $68,000, he will be sentenced to seven years in a UAE prison that is known to be very violent.

He is now unable to leave the country and return to the US, because the Dubai government has taken his passport until he pays the fine or turns himself in.

The lawyers representing Branford told the Daily Mail that, "Most people are unaware that they are likely already in breach of the Cybercrime laws when they arrive in the country, under these poorly drafted and arbitrarily enforced laws, visitors can even be subject to prosecution for posts they have shared from outside of the UAE, years before visiting."

Branford added, "This has been hanging over me for 20 months, I have spent all my money and lost my business trying to fight it. The future I was preparing for my boy is gone."

We often don't remember that when travelling to other countries, we can still be held responsible for not abiding to their laws, even when the are different from ours.

This is an extreme case which probably doesn't happen often. When travelling always remember to become familiar with the laws of the country... No matter how odd they may seem.

Do you think this is fair?