UPS Loses Family's Nearly $1 Million Inheritance, Offers To Refund Them $32

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Stop me if you've heard this one before. You've got a very important letter or package on its way to you that you desperately need. You gave whoever sent it the extra money to have it sent by courier so you'll get it as quickly as possible, got a tracking number, and have been hitting refresh on the tracking page every day since it got sent. It finally comes to the day you were supposed to get it... and they've lost your delivery. Nobody knows where it is, and nobody seems to care.

Richard Cleaver

If you're already clenching your fists in familiar rage over this story, you're not alone. Thousands of Americans have had their mail lost in transit over the years, and every year it seems like the tricks that normally help mitigate the risk of having your items disappear on you are working less and less well. Courier services like UPS or FedEx are often safe bets, but even their customers have begun reporting that they've become increasingly unreliable.


Well, this latest news story is likely not going to do anything to help the issue: apparently UPS is responsible for losing a man's nearly $1 million bank draft, and worst of all, they're not even offering any real compensation...

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