Tom Jones's Alleged Love Child Is Homeless In New Jersey

Celebrated musician Sir Tom Jones recently revealed that he sold his massive $8 million Hollywood mansion because he was no longer "comfortable" living there after losing his wife of 60 years, Linda Woodword, to cancer.

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Photos of the singer's gorgeous home recently surfaced online, revealing the lavish interiors that the couple were once surrounded with.  

Jones purchased the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Mediterranean-style villa in 1988, and furnished it to suit his luxurious taste. The house also boasts a massive swimming pool and garden with large fountains.

However, while the star was enjoying the comfort of his leopard print-filled house, his youngest son, Jonathan Berkery, has been sleeping in the streets of New Jersey.

The 29-year-old, who goes by Jon Jones, was the result of Jones's short fling with an aspiring model back in the 80s, but Jones immediately denied that the child was his.

The "It's Not Unusual" singer met Katherine Berkery at a New York nightclub in October 1987, and invited her to watch his show the following night. This led to the pair going out on a date before heading back to Jones's hotel.

Three months after their brief affair, Katherine found out she was pregnant and decided to inform Jones. When she finally got through to his office, she spoke to one of the singer's assistants who allegedly said, "That's showbiz, darling. Do what you have to do."

Katherine gave birth to baby Jon on June 27, 1988, but Jones, who later admitted to being a womanizer, wanted nothing to do with his son. A judge ordered a DNA test, and the results showed that Jones was the baby boy's father. Jones, who already had a net worth totaling millions of dollars, was ordered to pay around $2,000 a month in child support until Jon turned 18.

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Jones refused to comment on the matter until decades later in 2008.

"It wasn’t something I had planned," Jones admitted. "If I had planned it, I would have done something more than just financially. But it wasn’t. I just fell for it. I just fell for the seduction."

Jon, who was aware of who his dad was from a young age, was crushed by Jones's explanation because he was hopeful that he would one day get to meet his father.

Jones's absence from Jon's life pushed him towards the path of rebellion during his adolescent years. He didn't succeed in school and couldn't hold a job long enough to make a decent living. Having inherited his father's singing talent, Jon considered a career in music for a while but that dream fizzled out when he started doing drugs.

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Daily Mail first interviewed him seven years ago, and at the time he had just quit a band because he didn't like being compared to his absentee father. He reached rock bottom in 2013, when he was arrested for drug possession.

Jon checked into rehab and has attempted to turn his life around since. He took up a job as a chef at a Jersey fast-food restaurant, and found a nearby apartment to rent. His anger somewhat subsided and he began to reach out to those close to Jones, so he could finally meet his father.

After hearing about Linda's demise, he tried contacting his half-brother, Mark, Jones's only son with his late wife, but that was to no avail.

"I just thought, now that my father’s wife has passed, he might see me," said Jon. "He’s getting old and he could be ill. I want to see him before it is too late."

Adding, "For years I was angry and I didn’t want to see him. I was conflicted. Now I know life is too short. I need to get to know him. I just hope he feels the same."


He also sent a letter to Mark's assistant, Tom Ludgate, with the hope that he would be able to arrange a meeting with Jones. It read: "I don’t want to spend my life regretting that I never made an attempt to contact you both and I would love to hear his side of everything or just have a real conversation. I live in New Jersey, work hard and still have a very close relationship with my mother. I also record using the name Jon Jones (sometimes Jonathan Jones) and I think you’d both enjoy my music. I do not want help with my career or anything like that. I just want to meet my father before it’s too late. As we both know, life is too short to let the important things pass by, so let me know when you get a chance."

It's been four months since Jon penned the letter, but he hasn't received a reply from neither Mark nor his assistant. His life has also taken another turn for the worse.

Jon was recently fired from his job, he lost his apartment last October, and has been sleeping on park benches. On cooler days, he ends up at a homeless shelter in Hoboken, but right now, he spends most nights sleeping on the floor in an old church.

According to Daily Mail, he still wears the same red sneakers he wore years ago, but now, they've got several holes in them. He carries some of his possessions and a guitar wherever he goes.

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As for his mother, Jon told the news website that their relationship is strained, but despite the fact that "it can be complicated," she is still his "best friend."

He did reveal that he never felt stable as a child because he and Katherine moved around many times, and on occasion, she threatened to leave him behind. Turns out, those were just empty threats. Over the years, Katherine took Jon whenever he needed a place to live, but when she moved to Arizona, Jon couldn't go with her because he still wanted to pursue a music career in New York City.

Meanwhile, Jon has been doing all he can to garner Jones's attention. He posted a series of tweets that were framed as a sort of cry for help, and fans of The Voice UK, where Jones is a judge, came across them.

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Despite the attention the tweets received, it didn't connect Jon to his famous father. Now, he's getting more desperate and thinking of trying a much more daring move: to audition for his father on The Voice.

"I used to imagine waiting for him to swivel around on his chair, then seeing me and I’d put up my middle finger," Jon admitted. "I even used to think about going to one of his concerts and disrupting it. But that really isn’t me."

Jon and Jones's lives couldn't be more different. While Jones was only 16 when he first got married, Jon, who is almost 30, has never been in love. However, he still holds out hope that he will meet someone and one day be a father himself.

"My history tells me I am better alone," he said. "I’ve never been in love. I’d love a family one day. Am I ready for one? No. But I wouldn’t want any kid of mine to grow up with the mother and not me."

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When asked what is it that he wants the most from his estranged father, Jon said that he just wants Jones to acknowledge him as his son. He doesn't care about the entertainer's money or fame.

Jones has not commented on his son's recent revelations, but if the past has taught us anything, it's that it is highly unlikely that he will change his mind anytime soon.