Internet Reacts To Creepy Tom Brady Video Where He Locks Lips With His 11-Year-Old Son


The love between a father and his children is a bond like no other, but how much is too close for comfort?

Famed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is taking some extra heat in the lead-up to Super Bowl 2018 this Sunday. An awkward moment between Brady and his son Jack is facing serious backlash when the star athlete pressures his 11-year-old son to kiss him not once, but twice.

It lasted for several seconds while the athlete was receiving a half-naked massage.

The kissing exchange happened on an episode of Tom vs. Time, a web series that follows Brady through his off-season training. It also introduces us to the Brady family dynamic, which until now was touted as being very traditional.

Many fans are expressing their concern for the young boy, not simply due to the strange level of intimacy between the father and son, but because Jack looks really uncomfortable with having to do it.

Some viewers are saying it was an innocent peck, while others are calling the video "disturbing."

The scene begins with Brady lying down in a private room of their home, as his massage therapist works on his torso.

Jack walks into the room and asks to check on his fantasy football team. Tom responds with, "what do I get?" and his son goes over to give him a quick kiss on the lips, looking a little annoyed.

The therapist chuckles at the exchange and says "You know, Jack, everything comes at a cost bud."

That wasn't the end of it though, as Brady calls back to his son saying, "That was like a peck!" This prompted Jack to roll his eyes and return, giving his father a long kiss, wiping the spit off of his lips as he walks away.

Many viewers have expressed their disdain at the parenting Brady showed in the video.

It's not the first time Brady has turned heads with his family-kissing ways. People gawked when he kissed his father on the lips after winning the Super Bowl in 2017, and does the same thing with his mother.

Is this a weird thing to do with your parents? What do you think?