Toddler Is So Allergic To Water That She Screams When She Touches It

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Daily Mail

Toddlers develop all sorts of sensitivities to the outside world as their bodies try to adjust with all the "new bacteria" around them.

However, not all these sensitivities are temporary. They become allergies and sometimes it stays with them for the rest of their life.

When one-year-old Ivy Angerman touches water, her body breaks out in painful blisters, causing her to cry and scream in agony.  

"Ivy started getting a red rash and blisters while in the bath tub and we thought it was the shampoo or the soap. We tried everything and nothing changed, so we put her in water and she still got blisters. We tried our parents' water, we tried city water, countryside water and nothing changed," her mother, Brittany, told Daily Mail.  

Ivy once loved playing water games, but now she fears it...

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