Mother Is Warning Others After An Escalator Nearly Killed Her 3-Year-Old Son

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Mirror / AsiaOne

Why do young kids fear escalators? I remember my kids used to grab onto me with sweaty palms every time we went on one of these moving staircases. To be honest, sometimes they freak me out too.    

Three years ago a woman died after being trapped in a shopping mall escalator. She was holding her two-year-old son's hand when the incident happened. Right when they were about to finish their ascent, the floor of the escalator collapsed and she fell in, but was luckily able to push her son to safety.    

A couple days ago, a toddler's boot got stuck in an airport escalator. Two-year-old Julian was terrified when he couldn't pull his leg out.  

Now his parents are looking for answers and are trying to spread awareness about the dangers escalators pose for young children...

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