Terror Suspect Instructed ISIS Fighters To Attack Prince George's School

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The Sun

A terror suspect who allegedly encouraged ISIS fighters to attack Prince George's school has plead not guilty to his charges.

The threats are just the latest in a long line of attacks and planned attacks against Britain's Royal Family. A gunman famously shot four people while attempting to kidnap Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's daughter, in 1974. The Queen herself was the target of a foiled ISIS knife attack in 2014.

School staff greet Prince George on his first day of school.CNN

The latest threats raise concerns over the young prince's security while he attends public school. Four days before the start of his school year, a concerned woman filmed herself walking down the corridors of George's Thomas's Battersea School, to illustrate how easy it was to sneak onto the property.

"I could have walked in with an IED and set it to go off on Thursday," Sarah Burnett-Moore said about her trespassing attempt.

Prince George's primary school.The Sun

Another woman, an alleged stalker, was arrested by undercover police officers after trying to sneak past school staff to approach the prince. But as prosecutors revealed, the latest threat against the young royal was the most chilling of all.

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