Teens Are Eating Laundry Detergent Pods As Part Of The Latest Social Media Trend

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Well-known people on social media have a knack for starting trends that inspire thousands of people to follow.

They're the new celebrities of this generation, and like everyone who holds onto great power, there comes great responsibility.

The most recent social media trend is the "Tide Pod Challenge," which has teenagers around the world risking their health for only 10 seconds of fame.

This isn't the only bizarre challenge that health officials are warning kids not to follow.

Previous social media challenges involving cinnamon, Mentos and Diet Coke, and the world's hottest pepper have accumulated million of views on various social media platforms, but have resulted in many injuries.

For instance, the objective of the "Cinnamon Challenge" is to swallow a tablespoon of ground cinnamon within one minute. The problem here is that cinnamon is extremely dry, so the moment you put it in your mouth you'll have to spit it out, which can damage the respiratory system.

In 2015, The Onion published a satirical column about a child who wanted to eat a laundry detergent pod because it looked like candy. Two years later, College Humor shared a video of a man eating a bowl of laundry pods before he was transported to the emergency room.

The "Tide Pod Challenge" is now the latest trend that's going to land teenagers in the emergency room.

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