Teenager Dies After Being Diagnosed With "Bad Constipation"

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When there's something wrong with us and we need assistance, we put our hands in the lives of strangers. We sometimes forget that doctors aren't superhuman; They're people who have different ranges of medical experience.

When 17-year-old Jack Dunn complained to his doctor that he had been suffering from intense stomach pains, tests were done, and ultimately Jack was sent home with laxatives for constipation. His parents found him dead in bed a day later.

Jack's parents described him as an overall healthy kid "who was full of energy and life."

His stomach pains didn't seem concerning, especially when doctors didn't seem too worried about it. At first, doctors suspected he had appendicitis, but they scanned his stomach just to be sure.

"We took him to A&E and completely trusted the doctors in telling us what was wrong with him. He could barely walk he was in so much pain. He was given a bladder scan but it didn't really show anything up. The doctor said he was baffled and believed Jack was suffering from nothing more than a bad bout of constipation," Jack's dad, Kieron, said.

What doctors failed to notice was an underlying condition the teenager may have been suffering with for quite some time...

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