Teen Kidnapped At Birth Reunites With The Woman Who Abducted Her In An Unforeseen Twist of Events

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Alexis Manigo had everything she needed while growing up. Her mother, Gloria Williams, made sure the "princess" of the family was well fed, educated, and treated to whatever made her happy.

"As a mom, she was very smart, very loving, and generous. She was always giving everything she had to me and my friends," Alexis said. "She wasn't a parent who could say no. I was very spoiled. I know she loved me."

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Alexis also revealed that Gloria made sure that they regularly "went to church," and that she and her brothers were taught "the difference between right and wrong."

It seems like Gloria should've taken her own advice, and done the right thing, because there was one thing the young girl was missing the entire time and Gloria didn't bother to tell her: her biological family.

The abduction

On July 10, 1998, Gloria walked into a Florida hospital's maternity ward and posed as a relative of Alexis's biological family, the Mobleys, so she could be allowed to visit new mom, Shanara Mobley.

Once she entered the 16-year-old mom's room, Gloria switched her identity and informed her that she was a nurse. After spending hours getting acquainted with Shanara, Gloria explained that her newborn daughter, named Kamiyah, needed to be checked for a fever, and then vanished without a trace.

That was the last time Shanara saw her baby, until 18 years later.

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The manhunt for Gloria began soon after the child's grandmother realized that she had been snatched. The police were called within minutes, and the entire hospital was on lock down. Area buses were searched and airport authorities were put on alert.

“There’s a high percentage in getting these babies back,” a Jacksonville sheriff’s spokesman told reporters on the day of the kidnapping. “We want to put our hands on that baby.”

The devastated mother and her family released statements to the media and appeared on local news stations pleading for the safe return of their daughter.

Unfortunately, all of their efforts proved futile.

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