Teen Dies Four Days After Flu Diagnosis, Now Her Father Has A Warning For Others

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It's no secret that this flu season is one of the deadliest the nation has seen in a long time. At the start of the month, it was reported that there have been 11, 965 laboratory-confirmed flu-related hospitalizations between October 2017 and January 2018. It's even more alarming when you realize that the total number of people infected with influenza is much higher because not everyone visits a doctor.

Although this season's strain, Influenza A (H3N2), more frequently affects children and the elderly, it unfortunately doesn't discriminate against others. So far it has killed people from all walks of life, including young children and healthy adults.

"Sadly, we hear every year of people that were previously healthy and active and they get influenza and die and for reasons we don’t understand," epidemiologist Lynnette Brammer from the CDC's Domestic Influenza Surveillance Team told Fox News. "[But] if you get sick and you're not getting better...call your doctor."

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15-year-old Precious Angel Hernandez Cantu has just become one of flu's latest victims.

The teen from San Antonio, Texas, started showing signs of the flu, including fever, chills, aches, and exhaustion. Her parents immediately took her to a doctor, and she was diagnosed with Type B influenza. Since there is really no cure, Precious was prescribed Tamiflu to shorten the course of the virus.

Upon returning home, the youth began to complain about experiencing pain in her neck and chest. Since she had no other underlying health conditions, her parents knew that she had to be taken to a hospital right away.

Hours later, her mother and father received the devastating news that no parent ever wants to hear: their daughter died.

Now, Precious's father, Steveo, has an important message he wants other parents to hear.

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