Teen Mom Went Out Partying For A Week And Came Home To Find Her Baby "Wasted Away"

Daily Mirror

There are a lot of stereotypes about teenage mothers, which may be the reason why shows that allow us access into the lives of young parents, like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, do so well.

For women who decide to have children once they settle down, it's hard to imagine having a child while still figuring out how the world works. The question we ask is this: If we don't have this knowledge and time to teach our children, how can we ensure their success?

Common teen mom stereotypes include young girls having to raise their children single-handedly, they'll never amount to anything and neither will their children, and that they're too young to care for their babies.

Most of the time, teenage girls don't choose to get pregnant, but if they do, some are afraid to get an abortion.

We all hope these stereotypes are not true and that teen moms can be as nurturing for their baby as an adult mother, but time and time again there have been instances where they've fit perfectly in those stereotypes.

One teen mom from Russia perfectly fits those stereotypes, and the worst part is that she doesn't even regret it...

17-year-old Viktoria Kuznetsova came home after a week of partying to find her nine-month-old baby boy dead, wasted away to "skin and bones." However, it was neighbors that were concerned they hadn't seen the teen mom and her baby, and called the police.

The judge ruled that the cause of death was dehydration and starvation.

"When the baby was found inside Viktoria's house he was already dead, though his eyes were still wide open from terror," the Russian judge said. "An autopsy showed the baby's internal organs shut down one after another because of lack of food and water."

Officials learned that Kuznetsova waited until her husband left for military service before abandoning the child. She left him in a pram, where he starved to death.

While away from her home, she stayed in different dorm rooms, only returning once to give water to the dog, but ignored the baby. Kuznetsova told friends that the baby was her aunt's.

The young Russian mother reportedly showed no emotion when sentenced for six and a half years for planning to kill her boy.

She confessed to police that she tried to give her child to an orphanage when he was only a month old, but that he was returned.

Do you think the sentence fit the crime?

[Source: Daily Mirror]