Teacher Facing Serious Consequences Over Filming Students Fight Without Stopping it


A teacher from McKinney High School in Texas has been suspended because he made the decision to record high students fighting in class instead of doing anything to stop the fight.

Footage from another student's video shows the two teenage male students throwing punches at each other. The camera then turns to show the classroom teacher laughing while also recording the fight on his cell phone.

The teacher was not seen doing anything to stop the fight.

Just when you were surprised enough from the video, you see the teacher getting up. You think he is going to break up the fight, but he is actually just going closer to get a better angle of the fight going on.

A student uploaded this disturbing video to Snapchat with the caption, "Even teachers record fights, only at McKinney High," and he later uploaded it to Twitter.

The video now has around 3,000 likes and 1,500 shares.

This is the video, as seen on CBS News.

The school told the public that the teacher is currently on administrative leave as they further investigate the situation, that was brought to their attention last Wednesday.

They won't release any further information until the investigation is complete, including the name of the teacher.

It is required that teachers must stop a fight if they see it happening or at the very least, try to de-escalate it. As you can see by the video, this teacher did neither of these things.

In a time where our children's safety at school is our number one priority, we expect the teachers to protect them as much as possible, when they can. It is hard seeing a teacher behave so irresponsibly when the safety of his students are at risk. I hope the school administration takes this case seriously and appropriately punishes this teacher.