Taco Bell Worker Assaults Boss With A Burrito

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A South Carolina Taco Bell Employee assaulted his manager after being forced to work a morning shift.

Spartanburg police say the unnamed employee slung the burrito at his superior on January 22 after he was told to "stop being a crybaby."

According to Global News, she promptly called authorities, and told them while she turned away from the flying food, it ended up splattering on her left arm, side, and leg. It also "made a mess of the entire kitchen."

The enraged employee didn't stop his tirade there, as he allegedly took off his headset, broke it over his knee and "stormed out."

While no charges have been laid, a warrant for his arrest will be made shortly.

This isn't the first time Taco Bell has made the news this week, as a candlelight vigil was held for a location that burned down.

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