4 Health Care Professionals Suspended After Performing Brain Surgery On Wrong Patient

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I'll admit it, I've always been nervous to visit the doctor. Whether it be a simple check up or for a legitimate concern, I would only make a trip to the clinic if it was absolutely necessary.

While it's an indisputable fact that medics have our best interests at heart, they're humans and have made mistakes.

However, some errors in judgement are more redeemable than others.

Four Kenyan health care professionals have been suspended after they performed brain surgery on the wrong patient.

The incident occurred last Sunday after two unconscious men were admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital and had their tags mixed up. One required brain surgery, while the other only needed medication to heal his head's swelling due to trauma.

Surgeons realized they made the grave mistake hours into the surgery, when they realized the man on the operating table wasn't the patient who had a brain clot, the Daily Nation reported.

The hospital said it will be investigating the horrendous incident, and a neurosurgeon, ward nurse, theater receiving nurse and anesthetist have now been suspended.

"The management has suspended the admission rights of a neurosurgery registrar and issued him with a show-cause letter for apparently operating on the wrong patient," the hospital’s chief operating officer Lily Koros said.

Fortunately, the man who underwent the needless excision didn't suffer any life-changing consequences and both men are reported to be on the mend.

Several Kenyan citizens are furious that such an incident has occurred at an establishment that is expected to cure you.

"How do you conduct brain surgery on the wrong patient? Kenyatta National Hospital has outdone themselves. Horrfying!!!!" Carol Radull tweeted.

"Oh my God! Brain surgery on the wrong patient? I hope the person recovers well. But what is really happening at Kenyatta National Hospital?" Twitter user Wambui said. "Rape cases, theft of newborns, etc.What is the worst that must happen at KNH for there to be a change of management? Really what?"

"Lily Koros CEO of Kenyatta National Hospital should have resigned by now, If indeed she has a heart. KNH has been ran down. It is now the most dangerous hospital in Kenya to visit," Lord Mutai added.

Have you ever heard about such careless medics before?

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