New 'Smart Condom' Could Reveal Every Detail Of Your Sex Life You Never Wanted To Know

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There are few experiences as integral to the human condition as sex. It's how we propagate the species, we use it to express our feelings to someone we really care about, and above all else, it's just a lot of fun!


Of course, given just how frequently most people decide to get intimate with each other (spoiler alert: it's a lot), there have been plenty of products released over the years intended to "improve" the experience had by you and your lover. These can be as simple as oils and toys, or even as outrageous as entire collections of apparatuses and medications, many of which have next to no confirmation or testing done on them to prove that they improve anything.


But the question remains: if you could see statistics on just how skilled either you or your partner are at lovemaking, would you want to? Would you like to see a factual readout of how you stack up compared to the rest of the world? Or maybe you'd like to beat some personal bests in the bedroom (as opposed to beating... nevermind...)?

Well if you said "yes" to any of those, your (oddly specific) wish may have just come true: a British condom company have invented a condom add-on that works like a FitBit for your sex life...

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