Doctor Tells Sick Teen He Has The Flu, But It Turns Out To Be Something Deadlier

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This year's flu season is more severe than normal. At the start of the year, it was estimated that more than 40,000 Americans died from flu-related complications, and as of this week, 114 of them were children.

To avoid being a statistic, more people have been visiting a doctor when they start to exhibit symptoms like fever, chills, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Last November, 16-year-old Hunter Brady was among those who did not waste time in getting checked by a doctor as soon he noticed that he was feeling abnormally tired and had trouble breathing well. He was advised to take medication and let the virus run its course.


Most people who don't have underlying health problems will start to feel better after a week of two of fighting the flu, but for the teenager from Tampa, Florida, his condition worsened.

He had to be rushed to the emergency room when he showed no signs of progress. That's when everything changed for Hunter and his family.

Doctors found that his right lung had collapsed and 30% of his left lung was already collapsed. Hunter was treated, but had to undergo a series of tests to determine what could've caused such a serious problem.

In January, doctors delivered the dreaded news: Hunter had stage 4 cancer.

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