Shooting At Michigan Church Occurred Because Gunman Believed It Was An "Alien Spaceship"

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It's starting to become all too common that we hear about public shootings in the United States these days. Whether it's a mass-scale shooting like last year's tragic incident in Las Vegas, or the dozens of smaller-scale shootings happening in schools and workplaces almost every day, it seems like there's a new tragedy constantly forcing to ask us "why?"


Regardless of your opinion on issues like gun control and registration, one of the most pressing questions on just about everybody's mind when something like this happens is what caused the shooter to do this. While a catch-all term of "mental illness" tends to get brought up, it seems like a lot of other factors play a role; sometimes it's isolation, others it's being disgruntled with work, school, or even life in general.


However, in the case of the most recent shooting to occur in the States, the questions just get more and more complex when the reason comes to light: a gunman opened fired on a church because he thought aliens were invading...

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