There's A Little Known Sex Injury Plaguing Women And It's More Common Than You Think

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With the average couple engaging in intercourse roughly 51 to 54 times a year, it's astonishing to learn very few women are aware of a common sex injury plaguing their health.  

Following a romantic tryst, it's typical for women from a bruised cervix. Most common after having vigorous sex or eliminating foreplay with a partner who is well endowed, a bruised cervix can cause agonizing pain for a few days, which can result in bleeding and increased pain the next time a romp arises.    

A more serious condition, called vaginismus, can also occur, which eliminates a woman's ability to have penetration of any kind, including sexual acts and inserting a tampon.  

The cervix is a passage between a woman's uterus and vaginal canal, and is essentially what stops the penis from interfering with a fetus during pregnancy.

According to Bustle, if a woman isn't on hormonal birth control, the cervix shifts upwards during her cycle. When they're ovulating, their cervix is more sensitive, softer and closer to the vaginal canal.

In any other circumstance, the cervix is harder and located lower in the vaginal canal. When the cervix is in this state, it's more likely to bruise.

Luckily, there are proactive measures women can take to prevent this injury.

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