Woman Realizes Her Father Was A Serial Killer, Helps Police Crack A 30-Year Cold Case

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In 2009, April Balascio was living in Ohio. The antique dealer was happily married, and a mother to three healthy children.

It might have seemed like she had the perfect life, but soon Balascio would learn a detail about her childhood that turned her entire world upside down. By chance, Balascio heard about a pair of unsolved killings named "the Sweetheart Murders."

Police at the scene of the killings.People

In 1980, a couple from Watertown, Wisconsin vanished from a wedding reception at a venue called the Concord House, and were discovered murdered nearby. Police had re-opened the case looking for new clues in 2009, which is how Balascio heard about the case.

She felt a strange connection to the story, and after reading about it online she knew why.

Balascio recognized the scene where police said the bodies were discovered. Her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, had taken her there as a child.

“So I started reading and then … it was at that time that I realized I had seen the Concord House before,” Balascio told People magazine.

“And I was shaking, I was shaking because immediately I knew who it was that committed the [murders].”

Balascio called the Watertown police and told detectives she had a suspect for them: her father.

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