Semen Facials Are Now A Thing

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Beauty, as we all know, is fleeting. This may be why a new fad pops up every few years claiming to preserve your beautiful skin and leave it as wrinkle-free as a baby's bottom.

Snail facials are proven to moisturize the skin, while Kim Kardashian is fond of blood facials. But a new procedure in town has some beauty bloggers swearing by its effects and leaving others white in the face.

Tracy Kiss, a British beauty blogger first sparked the trend when she posted a YouTube video showing how she uses a friend's semen, delivered in a Chinese takeout container, to cure her rosacea. After the video went viral, other bloggers stepped forward to admit that they too have found another life-changing use for semen.

Former Cosmopolitan editor, Helen Gurley Brown wrote in her memoir that she recommends spreading it on her face as it is "probably full of protein". The Times of India even has an article showing curious readers how to give themselves a semen facial right in the comfort of their home.

The routine involves rubbing fresh semen on your face and leaving it to dissolve completely into your skin. This takes about twenty minutes.

After the skin has absorbed it, dab your face with cold water and wipe your skin with wet tissues. Then you can, presumably, go about your day expecting some results from this revolutionary beauty treatment.

There might be some truths to the claims.

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