Security Footage Shows North Korean Defector Running For His Life Across The Border

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New and dramatic footage of a man fleeing North Korea on foot reveals just how hard it is to escape the dictatorship.

The defector's vehicle speeds towards the border.UN Command

The video was captured last week by security cameras at the Joint Security Area on the border of North and South Korea. The JSA is the only spot on the heavily militarized border where North and South Korean troops face each other directly, so its no surprise the escapee almost didn't make it out alive.

At the start of the video, the vehicle pulls into frame and drives past a North Korean guard house before turning towards the JSA. One of the car's wheels reportedly came loose, forcing the driver to continue on foot while being chased by North Korean border guards.

The driver flees on foot.UN Command

Officials say the man was shot at by the guards more than 40 times, and hit at least four times.

The guards shot over the border, defying the ceasefire between the two countries. One guard even crossed the border before returning back to the North Korean side.

The defector hides under a pile of leaves.UN Command

The defector was forced to crawl to the South Korean side of the border and bury himself under a pile of leaves, but his ordeal wasn't over yet.

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