Russian 'Iron Man' Pardoned After Rampage Against Thugs

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Most people wouldn't make the mistake of going after a former special forces officer with a history of mental health issues, but some people are a special kind of stupid.

When veteran officer Anton Maltsev left the Russian military, he brought a lot of memories of the horrors he had seen with him. He just wanted a normal life after being around so much turmoil, but this wasn't going to be the case for him.

Maltsev took a loan from a bank in 2008 in order to buy an apartment, making plans to pay it back bit by bit. Unfortunately, the global financial crisis left him with a larger mortgage to pay off when it went from $60,000 to $132,000, with his money now worth much less than when he took the loan out.

The bank demanded that he pay back the $118,000 loan within 15 years, but Maltsev didn't think he could do it within his lifetime. So the bank sent debt collectors to deal with him.

This was a mistake.

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