Russian 'Iron Man' Pardoned After Rampage Against Thugs

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Most people wouldn't make the mistake of going after a former special forces officer with a history of mental health issues, but some people are a special kind of stupid.

When veteran officer Anton Maltsev left the Russian military, he brought a lot of memories of the horrors he had seen with him. He just wanted a normal life after being around so much turmoil, but this wasn't going to be the case for him.

Maltsev took a loan from a bank in 2008 in order to buy an apartment, making plans to pay it back bit by bit. Unfortunately, the global financial crisis left him with a larger mortgage to pay off when it went from $60,000 to $132,000, with his money now worth much less than when he took the loan out.

The bank demanded that he pay back the $118,000 loan within 15 years, but Maltsev didn't think he could do it within his lifetime. So the bank sent debt collectors to deal with him.

This was a mistake.

Maltsev suffered from a psychological disorder that gave him paranoid thoughts and obsessions. Normally, people can recognize when their delusions are false and get help so that they don't act on them.

The debt collectors either didn't know or didn't care, and began terrorizing Maltsev. They would send him threats, ambush and harass him near his home, and damage his property, continuing for several years.

Eventually his wife left him and Maltsev went off the deep end. He built up a weapons cache and built a titanium exoskeleton, complete with helmet and bullet-proof vest.

When a collector harassed him on his property again, he put on his suit and chased the man down the street.

When the collectors attempted to evict Maltsev from his home by breaking down a wall with a sledgehammer, they were given a shock.

The hammer caused a pepper-spray trip-wire to go off, and when it settled, they realized they were looking into a well-armed fortress.

Dozens of pistols, rifles, and explosive devices were found littering the floor as it became clear that Maltsev was preparing for a war.

He was taken to court on arms-trafficking charges, however, the judge ruled that his psychological condition had been aggravated by the collectors.

Maltsev will have to undergo therapy, but he will get better as a free man.

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