Drunk Fan Picks A Fight With A Police Horse

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Sports fans can get a bit rowdy when it comes to their favorite teams. Well, a bit rowdy might be a bit of an understatement, they can be down right stupid in a lot of senses. On January 13, the Philadelphia Eagles played the Atlanta Falcons in an NFL playoff game, hosted in Philly, and the Eagles fans were just as crazy as usual.


One fan, 22-year-old Taylor Hendricks, somehow got into the game without possessing a ticket. While watching the game he managed to get severely drunk before being caught inside the stadium, unlawfully. When he was eventually tossed out on his rear-end, he didn't take it well in his intoxicated state.

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As he was stumbling out of the game and down the street, he was visibly angry, and he decided it would be a good idea to take it out on some of the first people that he came into contact with. Unfortunately for him, those people happened to be police officers and a police horse.

It takes real effort to act as stupidly as Hendricks did that night.

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