Rescuers Discover Stolen Dog In Cockfighting Bust, But Her Family Gets More Than They Bargained For

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It had been over a year since their young Pit Bull, Nina, had been stolen from Northam and April Morris' yard. On that night in December, the couple let young Nina out for a bathroom break and only stepped away for a moment to make a cup of tea.

When they called her back in, she didn't return.

For more than a year, the couple searched desperately for their beloved dog. They put up posters and spread the word on Facebook but they had no news. Just when it had seemed as though all hope was lost for ever reuniting with Nina, they saw a familiar face on television.

Local news reported that an emaciated dog had been seized during a cockfighting ring bust in Marlboro County, South Carolina and that rescuers were searching for her family.

Nina appeared on screen looking thin and dejected.

Her family could not believe what they were seeing and immediately contacted Jennifer Hyduke with the Humane Society of Marlboro County.

"It seems so surreal to us. It's such a miracle to have her back," Morris told ABC 15 news.

However, when they went to pick up their long lost pup, the Morris' were greeted with quite the surprise...

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