Food Network Star And Husband Have More Than 30 Run-Ins With Police

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Ree Drummond is a Food Network staple, with her show The Pioneer Woman showing us rustic home cooking styles that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Drummond lives with her family on an Oklahoma ranch, and spends her days blogging, cooking, and taking care of her kids. In the intro to her show, Drummond says all her recipes have to be "approved by cowboys, hungry kids, and me!"

The Truth About Motherhood

Drummond started off as a blogger, and her success skyrocketed after a lot of hard work. However, the home cook still loves her blogging background.

"I love that the blogging community has grown and is so strong today, so I like where blogging is now," she said in an interview. "If I had to say something I miss from my early days of blogging, it would be that my waist was much smaller!"

But, as with any celebrity, your past can come back to haunt you. New reports show that the Drummond family is more than a little familiar with their local police...and it's probably not in the way they'd like.

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