A School Program That Teaches Bystanders To Intervene In Sexual Assaults Is Getting Results

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While the entertainment world has spent the latter half of 2017 awash in allegations of sexual assault between some very big names, numerous organizations continue to fight this issue on a level that's even more important to millions of people.


Statistics show that 11.3% of college and university students suffer some form of sexual assault during their time at school, be it through physical force, violence, or even incapacitation. When looking at women specifically, this number soars to 23.1%, and those numbers are just taking into account the cases that actually go reported.


While it's a controversial topic with incredibly heated comments from people on all sides of the issue, the point remains that there's a real problem at work here. While there has been a lot of pressure on authority figures like police, lawyers and politicians to take accusers more seriously, some organizations are taking their messages to the public, and making sure that people are made aware of just what they can do to help out someone who's being sexually assaulted.

Green Dot

One of these groups, Green Dot, has already started to show some results: they've apparently reduced the sexual assault rate at campuses they've visited by 17%, all by just sharing some very simple messages and tips...

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