Politician Dies After Getting Shot In The Face During A Solo Hunting Trip

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Accidents are bound to happen to anyone, that's why they are called accidents. There are some situations where even the most minor of accidents can mean injury or death, hunting being one of them.


In the northern reaches of Canada, hunting is a way of life, even for those people in positions of power. In mid-December, John Hickey, the mayor of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador died after being accidentally shot in the face during a solo hunting trip in Canada's north.

Huffington Post

Hickey was hunting by himself near the Trans-Labrador highway when he was accidentally shot in the lower portion of his face. He initially survived the gun shot wound, but later died while in hospital, while surrounded by his family.

The town's deputy mayor, Wally Anderson released a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Mayor Hickey's family at this very difficult time,'' wrote Anderson. "This is a sad time for our community, and we urge all residents to respect the privacy of Mr. Hickey's family and to remember them in their thoughts and prayers.''

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