Police Try To Catch Criminals By Undressing People Wearing Clothes They "Shouldn't Be Able To Afford"

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Being a police officer can be tough work, especially when it comes to investigating recurring crime in a particular area. When there are repeat offenses of a similar nature going on in one area, it becomes less a case of needing to investigate what happened and more one of establishing the best way to catch the offenders.


While this is a difficult task that requires looking for patterns and identifying situations that lead to crime, it's also the kind of thing where the solutions proposed by police forces have the potential to backfire tremendously. Oftentimes, looking for patterns can lead to law enforcement treating everybody as if they're a criminal, or worse, profiling people based on things like their skin color or how they dress.


That last part is the one that becomes especially pertinent in this new bizarre, unsettling case. As gangs are roaming the streets of the Dutch city of Rotterdam and confiscating jewelry from people, the locals can't even call the police about it. Why, you might ask? Because the thieves ARE the police, and they are going to "undress" anyone wearing clothing or jewelry they "shouldn't be able to afford."

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