Police Officer Who Led 9/11 Rescue Effort Has Taken His Own Life

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Daily Mirror / Heavy.com

We all remember where we were that day, when the news started coming in about the Twin Towers and the devastation that hit New York City. America was forever changed, and none of us would be the same.

Captain Douglas Greenwood knew where he was. He spent 40 straight days at Ground Zero, leading the officers of the NYPD on a rescue mission to pull survivors out of the rubble. He spent so much time on the radio coordinating with the other authorities, that he was unable to keep the protective mask issued to him on.

His friend on the force, former detective Ralph Friedman explained how Greenwood gave his all in the weeks that followed 9/11, and that he never shirked his duty as an officer, and as a human being.

'He'd be commanding the scene, but he also did grunt work - everybody pitched in," said Friedman. "Everyone was sifting through the scene for bodies, body parts."

Despite finding his passion in life after leaving the force, he still had to live with the consequences of the attacks for the rest of his life.

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