Police Officers Call For Backup After Eating Edibles And Getting Way Too High

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It turns out that when you watch a show about stupid criminals, that occasionally they could do an episode about actual police officers. In this case, two cops from Toronto, Canada have earned the right to have their own episode one day, if a producer was so inclined.

The two officers in question found themselves answering some embarrassing questions after their recent exploits landed them in hot water with their bosses.

Daily Hive

This past Saturday, a marijuana dispensary in Toronto was raided by local police, and all of the weed products were seized as evidence, or they were supposed to be. The seizure included marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia, and edibles. For those of you that don't know, edibles are marijuana infused food that will get you as high as a kite if you eat them.

Global News

The edibles in question didn't end up making it into the evidence locker. Two officers decided that they would keep a little bit for their own recreational purposes. It didn't exactly go as planned, and they probably should have read the warning label.

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