Police Admitted Carrying Toy Guns On Them To Place On People They Shot


During a current trial taking place in Baltimore, a police task force has revealed that the group carried BB guns along with them, in case they accidentally hit someone or got into a shootout, so they could plant the fake guns on the victims.

This was a troubling testimony because there have been many cases in the last few years of people with toy guns found on them, that police claimed they thought was a real gun, and that's why they shot them.

But this wasn't the only startling thing that was revealed in the trial. Police admitted to stealing money, jewelry, drugs and weapons, as well as charging for overtime hours they never worked.

The Gun Trace Task Force has reportedly stolen more than $300,000, over three kilos of cocaine, 43 pounds of marijuana, 800 grams of heroin and countless watches from drug dealers and civilians alike.

The cops even admitted to putting illegal trackers on the cars of suspected dealers in order to rob their homes and sell any drugs or guns found on the property.

Wayne Jenkins, the sergeant of the squad, even carried brass knuckles and a machete in order to protect himself against any dealer if they were out of control.

More and more disturbing allegations are being found to be true in this trial.

Something that we have rarely seen is that criminals are taking the stand to testify against police.

At this time, six of the eight officers have pleaded guilty to various charges. The other two have pleaded not guilty, with the other six testifying against them.

In a time that we are supposed to look to police as one of our highest authorities, how are we suppose to take this news? What do you think? Should officers be held accountable for this?