Man May Be Left With Permanent Scarring After An Allergic Reaction To A Temporary Face Tattoo

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New York Post

For plenty of people, the prospect of getting a legitimate tattoo is a daunting one. While tattoos are becoming more and more common in today's world, some people have several reasons they are averse to the idea. For starters, tattoos are permanent, and some people might not be sure if they will enjoy a particular design for the entirety of their life. This not to mention the fact that tattoos are also quite expensive, and plenty of workplaces and institutions carry an outdated stigma against them.

Bored Panda

For people who want to play around with the idea without taking a dive into the realm of a legitimate tattoo, Henna tattoos are often the best solution. Henna is a dye from Egypt that is prepared from a plant, and then often applied to the skin in intricate designs, creating a "stain" that looks every bit like a tattoo, but ultimately fades away after a small amount of time.


Henna tattoos are a great way to try out a design on your body before getting it applied permanently, or are even great as just a temporary bit of art you can wear on your skin. However, a British man who recently decided to have a mustache applied to his face in Henna is less than impressed, as the design might legitimately end up on his face forever...

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