Most People Who Can Decide Exactly When They Die And They Prefer To Be Alone

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We all want to be there for our loved ones when they finally pass away. We whisper our last words to them and wait to hear theirs, holding their hand until they ultimately move on.

While this is a part of us that makes us human and will likely never change, new research leads us to believe that those holding onto their last breath are able to decide exactly which one it will be, and not everyone wants an audience.

Throughout history, societies all over the world have pondered on what exactly makes for a good death. For some, it was on the field of battle, others in their happiest moment, but most writings would have us believe that everyone wants to be surrounded by friends and family at the end.

However, new research seems to point in the other direction, but it comes with the shocking revelation that people can 'decide' when they are going to die.

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