Parents Faked Their Death To Catch Their Killer Son

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A rich couple was forced to fake their deaths in order to trap their son who thought he'd hired a hitman to murder them. The couple's 22 year old son was determined to kill not just his parents, but his 10-year-old sister as well.

Desperate for a solution to his evil dilemma, he hired a hitman and offered to pay him $53,000 to assassinate his family. But unbeknownst to him, this hitman was, in fact, an undercover police officer who was part of a team of detectives who had been tracking him for a while.

Upon meeting the undercover officer, the son gave him instructions on how he wanted his family to be murdered. He even gave details on how the hitman could sneak in unawares, providing a floor plan and telling him how to avoid the guard dogs and security cameras.

Finally informed of these plans, the heartbroken parents became convinced that their son did in fact want them and their young daughter dead.

In order to catch him in the act, quick-thinking detectives posed the parents to make them look as though they had just been killed. They even included realistic, fake blood gushing from their limp bodies.

The undercover officer sent the pictures to the young man as proof that the hit had been carried out and the delighted man agreed on to pay the fee, giving the detectives the proof they needed to arrest him.

Extensive interrogation was not needed as the man confessed almost immediately to the plan. Police also found out that he had tried to murder his parents on two previous occasions.

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