Ohio Postal Worker "Goes Postal" By Stripping Naked And Shooting Two Coworkers

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The term "going postal" has been around for a few decades at this point, painting a pretty unfortunate stereotype of the men and women of the United States Postal Service.

San Francisco Chronicle

It was originally coined back in 1993, thanks to an unfortunately large string of incidents where disgruntled postal workers opened fire upon their coworkers, customers, or even just random pedestrians, killing over 40 people in nearly 20 separate incidents.

The Daily Oklahoman

While it maybe wasn't quite enough of an epidemic to merit getting its own expression, this is still a pretty alarming trend given it lasted from 1970 to 1997! Seriously, in 1993 these homicides counted for a whopping 13% of the nation's workplace homicides!

Well, DeShaune Stewart, a postal worker from Dublin, Ohio is the latest in a string of unfortunate incidents going back decades, as the man has been arrested for shooting two of his coworkers...

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