Nutella Promotion Leads To Riots As People Go Hazel-Nuts For The Spread

Is there anything more irresistible than Nutella? The chocolate and hazelnut spread has been a pretty essential part of any breakfast (even though it's basically a dessert and more or less has no nutritional value at all), and people legitimately love the stuff.


Nowadays, Nutella can be found in just about every popular bakery or coffee shop in some way or another. Be it on baked goods, in coffee drinks and milkshakes, or hell I'm pretty sure someone has tried to put it on pizza.


Suffice it to say, people love the stuff, and chances are that you do too. However, how much do you love it? Do you always keep a jar of it in your house? Do you own any of their official merchandise? Would you be willing to hurt other people to get a crazy good deal on it?


if you said "yes" to that last part, you're not alone: when French supermarkets offered a steep discount on the spread, people apparently went insane!

The Intermarché supermarket chain in France had Nutella on sale at a whopping 70% off, dropping it down to about $1.76 US per jar. Of course, this was a deal too sweet for many to pass up.

People immediately began swarming to their local stores to try to buy up the spread, and what was first a small crowd eventually started to escalate to the point of craziness and violence. Newspaper Le Progès commented that people “threw themselves” on store employees who were bringing out pallets of the popular spread. “They are like animals,” reported one customer, who talked about bloody hands, pulled hair and people being punched in the head.

Police were called in nationwide to deal with the crowds, many of which escalated to the point of violence. It's at this point that I wish to remind you that this was over jars of chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Ferrero, the brand’s owner, blamed it all on Intermarché, saying it “deplored” the promotion “and its consequences.”

What do you think? Would you be willing to riot over Nutella?