No One Believed These Conspiracy Theories Until They Turned Out To Be True

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Have you ever met someone that you thought was absolutely bonkers because they believed in any number of "unbelievable" conspiracies? I have, and sometimes I just want to scream to the heavens above that these people need to figure out that the world is not out to get them, and that governments undoubtedly have secrets that they wish to keep, not everything can be chalked up to major conspiracy or cover-up. Or are they..?

Over the past couple of decades, certain secrets have gotten out, and have been confirmed as reality by sources who know what they are talking about. Let's take a look at three of them.

1. MK Ultra

This mind control experiment was perpetrated by the CIA. They spent years dosing people with LSD, both with their permission, and also in situations where they had no idea they were being essentially poisoned by a government agency.

Argunners Magazine

Chemist, Sydney Gottlied, thought that using LSD on people would allow them to be brainwashed for other purposes. What it actually turned out to be was psychological torture. The CIA even went as far as to higher prostitutes in order to lure unsuspecting men into "safe houses" where they would be secretly dosed and observed through two-way mirrors.

Nothing was actually gained from this secret project.

2. Bohemian Grove - Club for the world's elites

Remember that scene from The Simpsons where a large number of the world's most powerful people are meeting in a castle chamber to discuss how to further their own interests? Well, it turns out that this wasn't all that far from the truth.

Dead Homer Society

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre "campground" where the world's rich, elite, and powerful go to meet in secret, so that they can "misbehave." They even take part in rituals while staying there. One such ritual is known as "the cremation of care". The ceremony essentially "exorcises" demons in order to ensure the participants success in life.

Confirmed member of Bohemian Grove have included:

Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Walter Kronkite, Clint Eastwood, Herbert Hoover, Henry Kissinger, Bob Weir, George Bush Sr., Colbert Coldwell, Joseph Coors and Newt Gingrinch.

The FBI denied the next one for a very long time.

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