After 50 Years, New DNA Evidence Could Finally Identify The Zodiac Killer

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"I like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangeroue anamal."

That was the horrifying message mailed to a trio of San Francisco newspapers that guaranteed the Zodiac Killer would be remembered forever.

In the late 60s and early 70s, the people of Northern California lived in fear of this mysterious serial murderer, whose identity is still unknown.

The killer's original wanted poster.San Francisco Police Department

While there are just seven confirmed victims of the Zodiac's knife and gun attacks (two survived), the killer was famous for sending taunting letters to the police, claiming he had secretly killed as many as 37 people.

Along with his terrifying outfit - a homemade executioner's mask, sunglasses, and a bib with his signature Zodiac cross painted on it - the Zodiac was known for sending letters about his crimes to police, and for mailing messages to San Francisco newspapers in puzzling "cryptograms."

The Zodiac's unsolved cryptogram message.The Zodiac Ciphers

While the Zodiac promised police that his secret identity was hidden inside the cryptograms, they only contained more details of his crimes, and threats to commit more murders. One of the cryptograms remains unsolved to this day, just like the Zodiac case itself.

Despite investigating an estimated 2,500 suspects, the San Francisco Police Department never caught the murderer. Their most likely suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, died in 1992, and the California Department of Justice's case file on the killer is still open.

Athur Leigh Allen was one of the strongest suspects for the killings.The Zodiac Killer

Most of the evidence against Allen was circumstantial, but highly suspicious. On a hunting trip with his friends before the killings took place, Allen outlined a plot to commit murders very similar to the Zodiac killings, and even suggested he would use the name "Zodiac" in letters to the police.

Allen also lived nearby to some of the Zodiac's victims, and once worked just minutes away from one of the murder scenes. But, frustratingly, handwriting analysis and DNA tests to link Allen to the crimes have always fallen short of proving either his guilt or innocence.

The new series "The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer" sets out to solve the famous case.RealScreen

While the Zodiac's trail has been cold for decades, a new documentary on the crimes has uncovered DNA evidence that could blow the case wide open.

And a team of investigators say the new clues point to a surprising suspect.

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