Killer Convicted After A Selfie Containing The Murder Weapon Was Posted On Facebook

A woman has been convicted of murder after a selfie gave police the evidence they needed to convict her. Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, has plead guilty to the murder of her best friend Brittney Gargol in 2015, after the murder weapon was spotted in one of her Facebook photos.

Gargol's body was found near a landfill in March 2105. Cops interviewed Antoine at the time, who said that they had left a house party together before going to some bars where Gargol went home with an unidentified man. Antoine claimed to have gone to see her uncle.

She had posted on her friend's Facebook wall the following morning with a message reading, "Where are you? Haven't heard from you. Hope you made it home safe." But when police discovered the murder weapon, they knew she was lying.

A belt was discovered by the body, and when cops looked more into Antoine's alibi, they realized it was the same one that she was wearing in her Facebook photos from that night. She finally confessed the truth about what happened that night.

Antoine said that they were both drunk and high when they started arguing. As it became more heated, Antoine ended up strangling her best friend with her belt, but she claims not to remember the exact details of how it happend.

She admitted to having her uncle lie about her alibi and has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, which was lowered from the second degree murder charge she was originally facing.  

Antoine (left) can be seen wearing the belt that she used to kill her friendFacebook

The judge agreed to lower the sentence because of the remorse that Antoine exhibited in the trial. "I will never forgive myself. Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back. I am very, very sorry... It shouldn't have ever happened," she said through a lawyer's statement.

Her lawyer had claimed that Antoine had experienced years of abuse in her foster home, and had actually reported it just one month before the murder took place. Judge Marilyn Gray, upon sentencing, said "honor your friend by becoming a positive member of the community. You owe it to her."

Gargol's family is obviously having a hard time dealing with their loss. In a victim impact statement, Gargol's aunt said, "most days we can't stop thinking about Brittney, what happened that night, what she must have felt fighting for her life."

Antoine will spend seven years in prison for the murder of her best friend.